Costco Blenders and Mixers To Prepare Great Drinks

I will show you some of the offers from the kitchen wares section of the Costco Products Blendtec® Total Blender Classiccategory of ours which you can find on the main page. Go to this link to find out how many more products there are available and featured at the Costco stores. Especially blenders are attractive to me because I love to prepare some drinks in hot weather or even it is not very hot just to refresh myself I would be like to have something with ice. Because it really gets you strengthen and more awake to focus on your work.
Of course the drink I am talking about is not a coffee-like caffeine containing drink. Actually Virgin Mojito may contain a little caffeine because of the Sprite we add to it but I am not sure. However how to make it is :
1. Prepare several slices of limes which you can usually find it at a regular supermarket.
2. Prepare some of the crushed ices to add from the top of the glass.
3. Mix meant leaves (may be six or more) with theses and exert some press with tea spoon (with a long one)
4. Eventually add Sprite until filled from top of the glass.
Then you would get a very nice refreshing drink. But how are you going to crush the ice ? To do this you would need a blender or similar kind of electrical mixer. Costco offers you ones of the best among the whole market with very good price range.
Let’s see what Costco got on the product list:

FIRST is Blendtec total blender PRICED AT $399.99 !.
For almost every kind of fruit, veg, ice or so on you can use this product. It is powerful with an automatic off system. Stainless steel material of its blade will gain you a long term use.
– LCD display of status.Blendtec® Twister™ Jar
– Speed settings.
– 2 containers.
– Dishwasher safe parts
– 8 inch depth
– Available in multiple colors.

SECOND is Blendtec Twister Jar which can be considered to be a simpler one compared to first product. This can be used to also mix ices and its price is only $99.99 !

THIRD PRODUCT is Magic Bullet 26- piece blender set: if you intend to solve your Magic Bullet 26-piece Blender Setproblem about crushing, mixing, blending, grinding and many more business related to these you can prefer to purchase this product with amazing properties. Price is only $34.99 ! Also the Blendtec Total Blender is very appropriate to be a complete solution.

Costco Blenders and Mixers To Prepare Great Drinks
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