Costco Locations and Costco Hours

List of the States with Costco Locations and Learn Costco Hours

Costco Hours for hundreds of Costco Stores operating in dozens of states are in this page. Costco is one of the most popular retailer in the world and the most important thing about Costco is the membership because members can reach the best prices. For more information about Costco Membership please visit their official page. Learn Costco Hours with the list below.

The List of States with Costco Warehouse; 

To avail the Costco Store Locations which are providing their services only for those who has membership, this page is very useful for you. Without unneeded requirements or exhausting processes will find Costco store hours and the working times of Costco’s other services. To reach all Costco Hours you are now connected a wide range of informations.

Now, visit this page and follow us in case of any change occurs in Costco Hours or locations. We are trying to present the best and fastest way for you to find these sorts of details and contact informations of Costco.
Visit the Costco’s official website that provides the membership service for you to get savings and discounts by Costco. By this way you will be able to shop in Costco, otherwise you can get some temporary customer cards from Costco.

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139 thoughts on “Costco Locations and Costco Hours

  1. Comment:

    You do not list the hours for the gas station…..just for the store…

  2. Comment:

    can you give me the phone # for the costco at Cristiana Mall in Delaware?

      • Comment:

        There is one state that is conspicuously missing, West Virginia. Why is there no COSTO

  3. Comment:

    What about the Wheaton store?

  4. Comment:

    Please e-mail me. I just spent 7 minutes explaining the problem while sitting in a parking lot and the message did not go through.

  5. Comment:

    I live in the Mobile Alabama area, I am interested to know if there are any Costco stores within an hour-hour and a half from where I am.

  6. Comment:

    I work for Southern Wine and Spirits. Can please furnish me with your Company fax number?

  7. Comment:

    I am just curious when your sales of lift tickets will be available?

  8. Comment:

    I have heard that Cosco is opening a store North of Austin, around Cedar Park,Tx. If so, when do they plan on opening?

    Thank You,

    G. Leslie

  9. Comment:

    Does Costco have any plans to put some stores in West Virginia? I sure would love to shop at Costco.

    • Comment:

      According to the Internet it sounds like they are planning on building one on the other side of Home Depot in tears valley wv and my neighbor told me the same thing.

  10. Comment:

    Looking for the blue crab spread or dip like you sell in myrtle beach…do you sell it in Cleveland ?

  11. Comment:

    When will you restock Oberto BBQ Pork Jerky ?
    You have been out for 2 weeks .

  12. Comment:

    hello please cancel for bakery cake.. name is Emily.. we suppose pick on tomorrow but we cannot make it.. please cancel..

    thank you..

    luis and emily hidalgo

  13. Comment:

    please advise cost and mounting of Michelin tires “Defender” P225/65R17-100T
    we visit yearly in your area.
    many thanks

  14. Comment:

    I’m with a small unit in Camp Pendleton and was looking to see if the local Costco in Vista may be able to help with a volunteer idea that we had. We are thinking of purchasing 150 or so hotdogs and bottles of water to give out to the homeless around the beach by the base. Through purchasing the uncooked items and wrapping them ourselves would be a cheaper althernative, I was wondering if there was a way that we could purchased the already cooked and wrapped ones at a discounted rate. This is not an offical Marine Corps sponsored event but a unit sponsored (consisting of 18 Marines) volunteer event. Any sort of feedback would be very appreciated. Thank you.

  15. Comment:

    Called Oak Brook store on 11-27-13 spoke to Tony in membership services. He was very polite and helpful in assisting me with locating a price for me on fresh turkeys. I appreiciate him going out of his to help me. Thanks Tony it was a pleasure doing business with your Costco.

  16. Comment:

    Called Oak Brook store on 11-27-13 around 4:30 pm I spoke to Tony in membership services. He was very polite and helpful in assisting me with locating a price for me on fresh turkeys. I appreiciate him going out of his to help me. Thanks Tony it was a pleasure doing business with your Costco.

  17. Comment:

    If I bought my glasses at a costco in another Florida location, can I retrieve the prescription
    information from two years ago? Thanks for replying

    • Comment:

      Please contact with

  18. Comment:

    Can we retrieve prescriptions for eyeglasses if we purchased them at another costco store?

  19. Comment:

    Hi, I jumped over to your post via Twitter. Not something I usually read, however I really enjoy your perspectives nonetheless. A big heads up for putting together something worthy of reading!

  20. Comment:

    I had hoped to visit the new Costco on Rt 22 in Green Brook, NJ to simply walk through to see what a Costco store had to offer. I was quickly ushered to the membership booth and told they would help me. When I indicated I merely wanted to “take a look” I was abruptly informed there;was n o way;no courtesy pass; no offer to escort me through the store to get an idea about purchasing a membership. I was made to feel like an unwelcome intruder. So, I turned and left. Needless to say, I will never go back.

  21. Comment:

    Please advise which locations near me (New York City) have a wine and spirits store.

  22. Comment:

    I am planning to visit Tucson in February 2014. I would like to know will I have access to the Costco with my Costco Crd issued in Australia, ACT?
    Wil be appreciate your answer.

  23. Comment:

    What is the address for Costco Business Center on Convoy in Kearny Mesa, CA.?
    No listing for this warehouse.

  24. Comment:

    Does your store location carry and have on hand the product:

    OTTAVIO TRIO – 3 types of cooking oils in a trio (Basil, Garlic & Red Pepper)?

    Do you have a quanity on hand? (i.e. 6-8 sets?)

  25. Comment:

    My question regarding OTTAVIO TRIO is in reference to the Thornton or Superior store locations.

    Thank you.

  26. Comment:

    Could I have your email address so I can get the $48 rebate by mail from Beringer for your Cardonnay 12 bottle purchase.

    Thank you,

    Barbara Snow

  27. Comment:

    I like to know if you have an optical dept?

  28. Comment:

    Are you open any earlier on 12/24?

  29. Comment:

    Do you open on 25 tomorrow?

  30. Comment:

    I believe that a Costco is not only needed in Andalusia Al,but the limited competition and potential foot traffic would make it a very profitable investment for Costco . Please consider it. Thanks

  31. Comment:

    When will there be a Costco in or around St. Cloud MN?

  32. Comment:

    Hi I bought a portable air conditioning 0n May 2013. It was easy t install and was user friendly. But about a month later I turned it off to go out when I tried to gtgyg

  33. Comment:

    Why don’t you list the gas station hours on the website? I know that they are open earlier than 10:00AM during the week, but it would be nice to know the full hours on weekend too. Thanks.

  34. Comment:

    I am physically handicapped and Am in desperately trying to locate more of your 100% Polyester “Life Comfort” blankets. Please help an “adopted grandma” fulfill the only throw blankets that were such a BIG!!!!!!!!!! Santa Surprise, that the other little ones were about tears…………….Asking “Where is mine????, with the saddest little eyes that made me think the toys I had picked were lumps of coal. I had only bought one in purple, tan/beige and one in maroon. PLEASE HELP ME GET OUT OF THE DOGHOUSE!!!!!!!
    For children of broken homes and frankly everyone… these extremely soft, and under $20.00, the best product I’ve ever purchased……………..and since I have difficulty driving, I surely do hope you will tell me how I can obtain more of these. There’s nothing more comforting than a velvety super soft blanket to make any and all feel all warm and fuzzy inside.
    Any help would be graciously welcomed and appreciated.
    Karen Givens ( A Costco supporter since you opened)
    5041 West 71st Place
    Westminster,CO 80030

  35. Comment:

    why don’t you publish your gasoline filling station hours, can’t find it.

  36. Comment:

    Does costco have a internatoal locations map or a listing

  37. Comment:

    It would be so helpful to have the gas station hours available. I’ve been to 3 different sites & no hours for Azusa Costco gas. Called the store and the message said nothing about gas station hours or how to reach them. Wish I’d known that usually the gas stations usually stay open later than store. Could have gone last night.

  38. Comment:

    Where is the nearest Costco to Gainesville, Florida?

  39. Comment:

    Would you please give Ed Fitzpatrick (I believe he is a manager at your store) a message, for me.
    My husband and I were on a Hood to coast team, with him in the past. I have a favor to ask him. I would really appreciate this.
    Thank you,

  40. Comment:

    Hi. I live in Wyoming. I am coming down for my child’s b-day party on Saturday & would like to order a sheet cake. Can I pre-order for pick-up? If so, let me know what info you need? I believe you have marble with butter creme frosting. If you can put some balloons or some birthday decorations that would be great! Please write, “Happy 9th Birthday Jaydon!” Oh, and what is cost?

    Caddie Welling

  41. Comment:

    Would like to know if the Los Angeles stores will continue to stock Santa Barbara Bay Seafood Spread? Have been unable to find it!

  42. Comment:

    would there be or would you happen to know of any plans to open a Costco in the north eastern section of the state namely lackawanna or luzerne county aka the scranton/wilkes-barre areas? i know wal-mart is doing well enough to have 4+ super stores within 10 miles or less of one another but would love to have an actual opportunity to shop at costo in person on a regular basis. please do let us know as this area would likely be a very wise choice for a future location and covers a wide spectrum of demographics while also containing a fairly large population

    • Comment:

      please reply Via E-mail if possible

    • Comment:

      Please visit for help.

  43. Comment:

    Do you have a hearing aid centre at your Branch and do I need to make an appointment.
    I have a Canadian Membership Executive Card may I use that at your location.

  44. Comment:

    I would like to know if you are planning a Costco in the Florenc, Ky are. There has been rumor
    that one is going to built during 2014. Can you let me know if this is true? I would really like it if it were true.

  45. Comment:

    I am trying to find the address and telephone number for the Cosco location in Appleton, WI
    Can you please help?

  46. Comment:

    We have moved from albq nm to pensacola Fla. We have been Costco members for many years and are wondering when you might be opening Pensacola. They seem to be every where in Fla. There will be one in Mobile Ala but they only sell wine in Ala. Hope to here from you

    • Comment:

      Pensacola has been hearing Rumors for years about getting a Costco!!! Still, no store.. No word.
      My advice is go to SAMs Club on airport!

  47. Comment:

    Why can’t you print the hours for the gas station, your website needs
    improvement. I have spent several minutes trying to find about gas station times I even called the store phone hoping the silly robot would know this, no luck!

    • Comment:

      Please Go to main page, see the link on the first post. The link is “” and then you will see the search button. Type in the name of the desired Costco Warehouse.

  48. Comment:

    Will the leather couches be in the coupon book this week ? with automatic / electric reclining!! I don’t receive a coupon book. How can I see the DEALS? ( We’re hooked with family with our card )

    • Comment:

      Please visit Thanks for your comment.

  49. Comment:

    Costco, As a potential new club location, I think that you should consider Lansing, MI. There is a great void that Costco could serve in the Lansing area. Specifically, to even get to a Costco, it is a drive to either a Detroit Suburb or a near Grand Rapids. If you look at the possibilities, you will see that it would be a huge boost to the Costco brand to have a store in the Mid-Michigan area. You would capture shoppers from not only Lansing, but the surrounding cities as well. Also you would get people driving from the South from Jackson and Mason. You would capture people from the North such as Dewitt, St. Johns, and even Mt Pleasant. I have visited your Grand Rapids store, but unfortunately I do not get there enough to justify buying a membership. Again, the Costco brand would have a tremendous opportunity if there were a store in either Lansing or in the greater Mid-Michigan area. Thank you for your time and consideration.

  50. Comment:

    Do you sell snorkel gear (snorkel,fins and masks)? If so, could you tell me the brand and the cost.
    Thank you,
    Pat Greyell

  51. Comment:

    Do you have any free one day passes?

  52. Comment:

    It would be really nice if a staff member would answer the phone. Repeated tries ended in no contact. Not good. BB

  53. Comment:

    Could you PLEASE check into building a store in Jackson, Tennessee? I am so sick of the Walmart rip off’s all we have. Besides the products and their rip off pricing they are a horrible employee, I don’t work there but know they treat their workers horrible. Please will you give us a chance to support Costco?

  54. Comment:

    Hello, do you have any Costco locations in West Virginia?

    Thank you,

  55. Comment:

    Interested in cashiering position or on sales floor, preferably full time, available immediately.

  56. Comment:

    Your website does not show the very recent location of your store on Tarrant Parkway Fort Worth, Texas 76131 (not sure about zip, but should be close to that)
    Thank you

  57. Comment:

    i want to know if you have in your store a punch time clock

  58. Comment:

    Is there any plans to build a Costco in Cedar City, Utah in the near future?

  59. Comment:

    You should put the statement that this is not an official Costco website again in the leave a reply section, in larger text than at the top of the page. Way too many people are looking for help, and think thiey are talking to Costco.

    Also, your information about holidays are out of date (Labor Day date from last year). and you list Christmas Eve as Dec 25.

  60. Comment:

    There are 22 Costco’s in Florida but N O N E in the panhandle. The closets Costcos are more than 200 miles away! Can you please consider a store in Pensacola, Fort Walton Beach or Panama City?

  61. Comment:

    It would be nice to see the gas station hours listed.

  62. Comment:


    Best Regards
    Ernest. M.D/C.E.O
    Neighbourhood Supermarket

  63. Comment:

    I live in Loveland, and there is a Costco going in around Ft. Collins. Was wanting to know when they hope to open the store? What is their annual membership dues?

    Thank You.

  64. Comment:

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  65. Comment:

    I need to order 11 cheesecakes for this coming Sat. AUG. 30 2014. When does my order need to be in? Can one of the cheesecakes have writing on it and have a few flowers?

  66. Comment:

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  67. Comment:

    what are the store hours at lawerence N.Y.?

  68. Comment:

    Any plans to open a store in Akron? You have a lot of fans south of Cleveland and Strongsville who would love to patronize you more.
    We love your employment practices. You rock!

  69. Comment:

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  70. Comment:

    New GA location? CUMMING? YES or NO

  71. Comment:

    I have a BJ’s Membership, but was considering joining Costco. Costco is closer to my home. I have never been in a Costco store. I went to my local Costco to see if I could enter without a membership and perhaps shop for a day without joining first. I wanted to be able to compare what BJ’s has to offer against what Costco has.

    However, this didn’t happen because the person at the door would not admit me without a membership card. I turned around, and vowed to never return. This left a bad taste in my mouth towards Costco.

  72. Comment:

    Two of your shopping carts are being controlled and are beinging used at Custom-Bilt Metals warehouse located at 2312 Kamehameha Highway, Honolulu. I hope that you can recover these valuable carts before they become unsuitable for use by your great company of which I have been a member for many years. Regards, Rich

  73. Comment:

    i an looking for sony CD-R audio recordable disc i bought some from there. just wanting to no if you still carry then and if not could i order then from you thank you Patricia Kostick

  74. Comment:

    I applied not to long ago at one of your stores but have not heard back from anyone.

  75. Comment:

    What would be the closest location to Decatur, Texas?

  76. Comment:

    When will costco open in Louisiana?

  77. Comment:

    Please put a Costco in Tyler Tx 75703
    We are so tired of Sam’s.

  78. Comment:

    You need to locate a Costco closer to the Villages. Sam’s Club is the only warehouse nearby and I may have to drop my membership to Costco. Where is the nearest Costco to the Villages or Wildwood?

  79. Comment:

    Do you have power chairs for use while shopping ?

  80. Comment:

    Dear Human Resources

    I spoke with Seth your night manager in search of a career op with your store so – I am trying to go on line and the job search engine takes you to so many other sites it is a bit odd I hope Seth find my paper application and resume that would be great and I will continue to find an on line application I would like to come in and meet with him working with him and your staff. I have shop at Fedco and Price Clubs growing up before Costco came around my mom was members of Sams Club

  81. Comment:

    Sure would like to see you in Lake City,FL any hope?

  82. Comment:

    What kind of fresh fruits and vegetables will you have next weekend (9/20-21).

  83. Comment:

    Do you have any plans of building a location in Cumberland county PA?

  84. Comment:

    Just curious if you may have restock of the Philips Norelco Power Touch Shaver with Aquatec some time tomorrow as I was unable to find it in your Alhambra store in the last two days.

    Please advise so that I can come over tomorrow! Thanks a lot.

  85. Comment:


  86. Comment:

    I need a closest Costco location in between Oregon & California. Also how much is a bottle of Hennessy or case in 12 bottles?

    Thank you,
    Judy 206-902-7409

  87. Comment:

    I got on line to join Costco and they took my membership payment of $55 for the year. I have not receive admittance card to get into the store in Reno. Please check this out. It has been over two weeks since sent this payment.

    Thank You
    P.S. Here’s my address 3250 Plumas Apt 109 Reno Nevada 89509

  88. Comment:

    Can we visit a Costco (in Harrisburg, PA.) to look at a specific item in their showroom;
    and then afterwards decide whether or not to become a member?
    Thank you for your reply.
    Sincerely yours,
    Robert Gainer

  89. Comment:

    I have been unable to get a list of all of the Costco’s with Fuel. We travel frequently through out the USA by car and always hunt for the Costco fuel when we are getting low. Several years ago I had been able to get a list of all the stations in USA. I know more have been added as the one closest to me now has a station. Bur I seem to be unable to get a full list of the stations on line. Can you help me.

  90. Comment:

    I understand a new store is coming to the Rochester area. When will this store open?

  91. Comment:

    I lost a girls card that was here at maple lane apartments and wanted to come back to sign up some of our residents I have about 25 residents
    that would like to come to a meeting On my receipt the girl initial are LH
    on 09/23/2014
    please try to find her and have her call me 574 277 2721 sue papaj (popeye)

  92. Comment:

    Can we purchase a membership on Sunday

  93. Comment:

    What about a location in upstate NY? When are you coming to WNY?

  94. Comment:

    Love shopping at Costco’s! I hope you will be putting a Costcos in Bismarck soon. Western ND really needs one. Thank you.

  95. Comment:

    The worst customer service

  96. Comment:

    are there any plans to build a new costco in Beckley, West Virginia.
    If so I would like to know when.

  97. Comment:

    Where will the Appleton WI Costco be located?

  98. Comment:

    I need to appply. Please send me instrtuctions. Thank you for your help

  99. Comment:

    Would like the phone number for your new location in Kalamazoo.

  100. Comment:

    What time does Costco open tomorrow, Friday November 28th?

  101. Comment:

    would like to get a member card how could i get one

  102. Comment:

    i receive a message from you that i going to receive my packing , i just want to know what packing you talk about can you tell me what i buy because i don’t now where is your store locate i never but nothing from your store but i really need to find down any information to report that someone steel my bank or credit card because i use my card for a little mommy dolls that is was delivery to phone number is 610-767-4617

  103. Comment:

    I am trying to get information regarding your membership fees and all I get is recording.
    I’m not sure I want to shop a store that can’t be reached

  104. Comment:

    is the Spartanburg Costco open New Years Day?.

  105. Comment:

    Hello, Do you have Kegerator in stock, even if its in display, I can come to pick it up tonight.

    Thanks Very Much !


  106. Comment:


  107. Comment:

    I read in the Lansing (MI) Journal, in 2013 that Costco would be opening a Warehouse in Lansing, MI in November, 2013. To date, I’ve been unable to find any further info on this. Did you change your minds, or did the location fall through? I was really looking forward to being closer to one of your stores.

  108. Comment:

    I will be in El Centro on Saturday. I need my hearing aids adjusted. Will your Hearing Aid Center be open on that day.

  109. Comment:

    We live in the Villages, Fl. Please build there! We need another store besides Sam’s.

  110. Comment:

    I have a canadian membership and will be vacationing in clearwater in March.
    What credit cards does your store accept?

  111. Comment:

    I am living in Riverwood, Port Charlotte, South West Florida Zip code 33953

    What would be the closest Costco for us.
    We were told that there was a new Costco nearby.

    Thank you,


  112. Comment:

    What is the address to the store in Mobile Al that’s opening in June 2015

  113. Comment:

    I live in League City, Texas. I notice that all the Costco are located on the side of town not anywhere near us the only chooses we have is Sam’s Club. Costco did you forget the people South of Houston? My question is , are we going to be getting a Costco in the future in the Clear Lake , Webster or League City Area ?

  114. Comment:

    wonder what are hours for gas? Some have it an hour before the store opens and others 24/7. Can’t find this info on the website or phone messages. Thanks!

  115. Comment:

    Is it possible to get a whole beef leg and cut up into steak pieces? If so, about how many steaks can you get from a leg? What type of beef meat would that be? How much a pound would a whole leg be? thks

  116. Comment:

    No listing for store in Fort Wayne, IN. Surprised and not helpful!

  117. Comment:

    Will Costco open. Store in Pensacola fl? Walmart has a SAMs warehouse store and several super stores .they are always packed .we need so competition in Pcola. Please come to Pensacola fl soon !

  118. Comment:

    nothing listed for the “new Costco” in Mobile, Alabama — what are the operating hours of this location??????????????????? Your website is poor – as directs most of us to Canada — want to go shopping at “new Costco” Friday morning – but not interested in sitting in parking lot till opening —- hours of ops please —


  119. Comment:

    I just received a phone message from your photo center advising me that my DVD photos have been there almost a month. NOT SO. I went to Costco on June 10 to see if they were ready and they weren’t. I tried to find someone in the photo center to ask why they weren’t ready yet because I was going on vacation for 2 weeks and I was hoping they would be ready to share with my sister. I couldn’t find anyone. On the phone message today it just said to call back. However, there is no selection for photo center. I tried to get admin and they just said leave a message.

    I just returned yesterday and plan on picking them up on Thursday, June 25.

  120. Comment:

    Please open a store in plover! You would do very well there! It’s up and coming and new stores are filling up! Please be one of them!

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