Costco USB Flash Drives Comparison

We have got three different deals to compare and discuss about. Three of them are available to browse in the database of ours which you can reach on the main page titled as “Costco Products” category. Price range for three of them are similar but we will discuss about the properties as well.
All offers are picked from the USB flash drives section of the category mentioned. Please visit the pages of them to get detailed information.

Innovera 8 GB flash driveFirst product is Innovera Micro USB flash drive priced at $8.89 featuring:
– 8 GB memory and
– Reading speed of 12 MB / sec
– transfer rate: 5 mb/ sec

Another product we want to take is PNY 128 GB flash drive that can be used to store your movies from DVDs or large amount of space occupying files that are related to special programs you may use at work. It is ideal to copy something large because it can copy 4 MB per second which means 240 mb / sec and apprx. 14 GB per hour. With this new offer you get:
– 128 GB capacity.
– Reading speed of 14 mb / sec
– transfer speed of 4 mb / sec

PNY 128 GB high speed flash driveAnother flash drive is priced at $44.99 which is more expensive than others but its properties are for someone who wants to do their job very fast. This device can read 190 Mb/ sec and can write 130 Mb / sec. Don’t miss out these
– 128 GB capacity
– 190 Mb / sec reading
– 130 Mb/ sec writing

Costco USB Flash Drives Comparison
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